the good book says dont pay attention to wealth down here

big house

it says its a fools game. that it amounts to nothing. that it fixes nothing. that our treasure is not here but in the kingdom of heaven. that if we like pools and hottubs in winchester square imagine what theyd be like on cloud 9 with marilyn sitting poolside and hendrix strumming from under the cabana

and dean martin mixing the drinks and kurt cobain plucking the mandolin

the good book says that down here we have other goals that we should work on, like helping the poor and being good to each other and reflecting light

not absorbing it.

i am a sinner in so many ways its incredible that im allowed even to walk outside without getting struck by lightning. my mind is a sewer, my heart is unpure, my writings are so filthy i have to put a disclaimer on my collected works

and worst of all i dont think ive ever fully satisfied a woman except that one time a long time ago, but that girl was on drugs and drunk and who knows if she was really telling the truth, although hips dont lie, i suppose.

but today is a new day, a blank slate, and thats what the good lord wants for us all, to know that the reason he forgives sins is so we can move on, unfettered, so we can be better, so we dont think to ourselves oh why even bother im so far behind the 8 ball who cares. well we all care. we all want everyone to do and be better because we are all monkeys in the barrel hoping to get a monkey arm in our face which pulls us up.

tonight imma drive because i gotta pay off these springsteen seats i got which are in the furthest recesses of the night, but im in the building. and id rather be in the nosebleeds in heaven than front row in hell.

millions of years ago dinosaurs rocked the earth

daily nexusi was recently told that things are different for the kids today who get to put out the news at what once was the greatest party school in america.

and it’s true things are different than when i was there.

first of all there was no internet.

imagine that. imagine having to communicate, research, write, record, and arrange


pretty much by hand

with the help of some very slow and expensive computers and photography equipment.

the phones were landlines and i dont recall there even being an answering machine in the office.

all the lines you see on that page were pasted up by hand. each one has a size.

we used rulers and pens and pencils and paper and we always got the paper out. on time. the photographers used film that they had to develop and then print, and yet if there was a large gathering on DP after a big basketball game, where couches were lit on fire and the fire was lit on fire, the story was reported, edited, and published, and the photos were too.

you bet your ass things are different today.

today, if they worked together, the college community along with the paper could take the pictures and report and opine and review and video and sneak over some tips and share it on facebook and and and

but just like the 100th monkey said, you gotta lead by example

if i was back in IV writing for the paper, id set up IV Hall Monitors. a few people on each block whose “job” it was to do simple things like take pictures of the block each week, and be available when and if anything went down of note. id have them all share a group twitter account. you wouldnt have to pay these kind souls.

if you love IV it should be an honor to simply report back on your magical block.

id also be all over periscope in a huge way.

not to mention snapchat.