im clogged up

michael jacksoni have to write some things but theres a blockage

two weekends in a row i just wanted to stay in bed and not do anything

dont wanna uber, dont wanna write, dont wanna change the world, dont wanna text this pretty girl and take her to mcdonalds, dont wanna see rock music at the echoplex

dont wanna see movies at the theater

dont wanna do the thing that’ll make me a little extra on the side

dont wanna do laundry dont wanna put things up on sals wall dont wanna read books

dont wanna play nba2k2016

i barely wanna go to the kitchen and crack open another mexicoke, but a mans gotta breathe

today i watched the doc about all those kids who lived in an apartment in the LES and never left

The Wolfpack

then i watched the doc about Keith Richards where he travels the world and sheds new light on blues, country, and rockabilly

i didnt know how much my man tom waits was gonna be in there.

it was good but not as good as The Wolfpack which was bizarre and beautiful and shed a light on the human condition and how tick tock it wont stop. how if you stick us in a closet we’ll turn into psychedelic mushrooms and the longer we’re in there the more potent we will be.

these kids love movies so much i wish i could send them all of my dvds that i dont watch any more.

they taught me i should wear suits more and trench coats.

hard not to respect a man in a suit and a trench coat.

and then give them the benefit of the doubt.

who doesnt want the benefit of the doubt.

todays music is trash and i feel bad for the kids

there are very few exceptions. this tune from Walk The Moon is one of them.

stupid name, stupid look, weird mix of The Edge and the Jackson 5 guitar riff

freaking synth solo near the end of the song

but ridiculously catchy.

the official video has over 160 million views, but none of their others come even close to that.

truly a one hit wonder, who could have easily come out with this and the video in the 80s

and had just as much success.

perhaps thats why this works so well: it’s an 80s song

todays music is doomed.