why do i love midjourney? let me count the ways

the main reason i love it is because it allows me to be creative in a way i dont have the talent for being. i cant paint. nor do i have the patience to mix colors

i also love how it adds third legs and doesnt seem to know how the human form works

theres a hack where you can upload a pic of someones face and it can apply it to the original face. doesnt always work, but its getting better with every new upgrade

i also like how you can trick it into making art on the background. i love Bosch and any time i ask it to mix a little Hiernonymous in there it kinda does it, but not really. still its the type of wallpaper id have if i was filth rich

another thing it can do is zoom out and then go to the left or right. when you do that sometimes it puts a person on the right

when it does that i also put someones face on that new person. this is also Pure who looks pretty great in these dresses, gotta say. not that ive ever seen a pic of her in anything so colorful or flowery but again thats why imagination come to life is so interesting

why is her hand like that? is she holding an invisible shot glass?

so this is where i was really impressed. i was trying to get marilyn monroe in front of the Berlin Wall. two things i figured any computer would know or have lots of reference images to search from. it did an ok job with MM’s hair and the wall wasnt bad

but when i added Pure’s face it was the best version of her face on someone elses body id seen.

the teeth arent perfect but look at that eye shadow. the details are fantastic even if the dress looks trashy on her. like what is happening there?

the shadows, her eyes, usually there would be glitches that a more patient man would fix in photoshop but all these pics here are straight out of the robot.

this dress looks a lot better. tho Berlin looks mighty grim.