it’s 1021p im procrastinating

why? whats wrong with me. i feel like my brain is against me. its doing everything it can to stop me from success.

like bro, what would be so wrong with having a home you didnt have to stuff sweatshirts in the door cracks so the heat wouldnt escape? why cant a man have a dishwasher?

i’ll be writing and after One paragraph my head is all

“fuck this. one paragraph is gonna lead to two and then three and before you know it it’s over and you can have a real night of rest. may i interest you in some porn? sports? oh i know heres congress acting a fool.”

whats interesting is this blog has never been something my devil brain has ever used as a distraction or procrastination, because my brain knows ive made books from this content.

which it also hates for some reason.

wtf brain, are you mad i get you stoned so much?

i get you stoned so you’ll behave.

btw fucking cold in LA at night in bidens america.