someone told me they loved me on the phone today

someone unexpected

a bro

but in a very heartfelt, sweet way

on a borderline, hey, you know we’re all gonna die, prob sooner than we think so

just know i love you and youre my bro

but without that character count.

do i have a good life? yes.

are my cats trying to ruin my life by pooping on the floor


and ruining my beauty sleep?

yes, but i should probably stop going to bed at 6am.

true, but my sleep schedule shouldnt revolve around two cats that were strays that appeared on my door as kittens

delicious kittens any mountain lion would have eaten like a twinkie

and then pooped out

not on my floor

not beside the window

not on my cubs blanket on my couch

but in a place the mountain lion knew was the right place to poop.

also talked to a beautiful woman for an hour about some fascinating things

including someone she knows very well i adore from afar

and someone i know ok who she adores from afar

this planet is tiny

dont poop in the wrong places