its 221am – three years ago tonight was the last time amber and i fell asleep together

we broke up during the insurrection

“is that thing more important than me?” she asked, while fighting with me, as i was watching the capitol get assaulted by Trump supporters.

the problem with dating me… im sorry, one of the many issues with dating me is i consider most things you say as an alley-oop.

say something you might find serious like that and im gonna take it and slam it through the net

“baby, they’re trying to hang mike pence.”

she stormed out of the bedroom, slammed the door and started packing in the living room.

im not sure how she didnt need to make multiple trips into the bedroom where i was glued to the set, but within an hour or two the noises i heard out there were quiet and she was gone.

for good.

life is so weird. so freaking weird. and i like most weird things. the weirder the better.

but this was not a good weird, and how it ended last year was terrible.

i tried for four years to be a good man to her.

i did ok. i never cheated. i never lied. i tried to help her with everything from moving up to the marriott courtyard in the valley to the Four Seasons. i helped her sell her car and pay off a bunch of payday loans. i did a lot.

i list them because inside i dont feel like i did enough.

clearly i didn’t.

but not every pair is fully compatible. we were about silly things. and we both do care about people and each other, but we were not the love connection youd think a couple would have who lived together for four years.

i think about her every day. i dont even seek out pics of her but they’re everywhere online and in my computers and phones.

and i truly hope whereever she is she is happier and able to let her entire heart be seen because it was beautiful.

and i was very lucky to see it more than most.