just know my entire life has been luck

from who i was born to, to where, at what time,

who id meet, how i got out of the hood, who deviginized me in that back seat in ventura

every last drop of it

for the last week ive been sweating my car bc the engine light went on and the garage i had just had it in kept wanting me to come in at 8am

but i dont get up till noon, even for the benz

so i just went to a closer one, of these armenian hippies

sweetest guys, will talk music all night with you

got in there today and there was a kid playing his switch

i think its the aunt behind the desk

sleepy dog sleeping on the couch

and before i could get a nice chat going with the aunt

owner tosses me the keys and says

error code says there was a misfire, but it’s not

and i catch the keys, no charge, alls well


from omg whats wrong NOW with this car to

go out into that wide world and pick up strangers in the dead of night and traverse the second largest city in the usa, for your car is good, but you stink, go home and take a shower.

and then i got home and my favorite internet personality was on

and the rest of my day went to hell when the emmys came on

this week’s episode is going to be either late, or drastically chopped in half.