hey tony,

why can’t the cubbies catch a fucking break? – Sycz

just like the sway on the hem of the skirt of a woman whose not yours, some things are meant to just be looked at.

the cubs have played beautifully this year and although they havent always come out on top theyre putting up runs, and the rookies are hitting and even though mr. Pie isnt hitting hes running into brick walls in order to stay in the show and everyone is pitching fine except for the guy who wants a big contract next year

which means he will turn it around in no time

have no fear.

its april, the vines are brown and shivvering in the wind.

unlike the hem of the skirts of the women today in los angeles

as it will be warm and sunny and beautiful and totally missed on me as i was up all night doing some things that i should have done a long long lovely time ago.

and now theyre done and now i have to figure out what im gonna do about sleep for today

will i attempt it or will i pull an all-dayer.