theres nothing like layoffs at your workplace to make you suddenly appreciate your job

and just like everyone, i bitch a little about my job, and my salary, and how im not appreciated and all that, but yesterday my company had to cut ten percent of the staff and it was a bummer and when we realized it was going down i thought about how lucky i am to be working in such a cool place where i can wear anything i want and i can come in any time before nine am and i have a cool boss and i work with cool people. and even though it pays me half of what i made at the dot com, i get paid now to work on my favorite tv show.

how often does that happen to people?

and i dont have any bills, or a car payment, or child support payments or a terrible drug habit, or any needs to buy new clothes all the time, so why not work in a brightly colored office where hot chicks roam the halls in all the latest threads and celebs ride the elevators with you, and the security guards welcome you the next day after the layoffs and say, “there he is, he made the cut.”

Nay is back. She dropped outta highschool, again. She redesigned her site, again. And she got interviewed by a web thing, again.

I think we’re all lucky to have her back and the web is a better place with people like her, so check out her site and welcome her back.

I like it, btw, when people link to me. Yes, i do!

ashley is coming into town tonight. no doubt is playing a secret show that shes going to, and then we’re gonna see them open for U2.

For everyone wondering what to get me for Christmas, please dont get me anything “patriotic” for my tree. It rhymes with “idiotic” and I never thought it would come to this but I am now officially sick of seeing the American flag. Mr. Bin Laden, you’ve done it again, asswipe.

i hope everyone has a nice weekend and i hope all your dreams come true.

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