nate newton got busted with a shitload of weed

in his car the other day, our friend Karisa reports:

Nate was caught with 213 pounds, yes…pounds, of pot in his car yesterday.

I had a few minutes of time to put this in perspective:

Assuming your general pot-head smokes an eighth each day (an estimate):

213 pounds of pot

that’s 3,408 ounces

that’s 27,264 eighths

So, assuming he’s smoking an eighth per day, he could get high every day

for the next 75 years. Granted, I’m sure this was intended for trafficking, but who cares.

Nice Dallas Cowboys of the ’90’s…..Nate Newton, Michael Irvin, Mark Tuinei, Erik Williams.

They must of had some kick ass parties!!!

to put a little more of this in perspective: Nate was a six-time Pro Bowl selection (1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 and 1998),

the 335 lb offensive lineman led the way for many of Emmitt Smith’s NFL record number of career rushing touchdowns,

he was one of 21 Cowboys to earn three Super Bowl rings in the 1990�s,

and he had been selected to the All-Madden team for 10 consecutive seasons, beginning in 1989.

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