there oughtta be a rule

on the bus that you cant talk about the bible, especially loud enough for the whole bus to hear. you cant play your radio, you cant eat, you cant drink and youre not supposed to talk to the busdriver. but the problem with people who talk about the bible on the bus loudly is they know just enough to get it wrong as fuck.

if it werent such a beautiful morning and if my ride wasnt so quick i woulda turned to the man who was lecturing about Lust and told him that he was full of shit.

he was going on and on about the passage that says that if you see a woman and you lust her, youve committed adultery in your heart. but you cant just be spouting that line on the bus. it’s a super deep line. and if neither you or the woman are married, it cant be adultry. if you see a hot chick walking down the street and you are attracted, or even sorta turned-on, thats not lust, thats not adultry of the heart, fellow rider, thats called being alive and an animal, and awake – fucker. and that’s not a sin.

what the good book was saying, if you ask me, which nobody was doing, is that if you have a hot neighbor, let’s say, and you know that she goes in the community yard that you all share, and she lays out and reads in her bikini on sunday afternoons, and shes married or you’re married and you peek through your window and drool – for an inordinate amount of time, then you cant walk around saying that you’ve been a faithful husband – or a good neighbor.

and that’s just scratching the surface of that line.

maybe there should be a rule about not talking about the Bible in blogs.

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