all this politically correct bullshit, is so gay

and it’s so nineties.

tonight the lakers are playing. a super hot chick is coming over to eat thai food with me and watch it with me.

this morning an electrician came over to “test” the new electric box they installed the other day.

who the fuck checks shit like that at 8am?

so gay.

what if i was sleeping? what if i was writing? what if i was taking care of business in some way?

what if i was making coffee for the second hottest chick i ever met and i dont even know how to make coffee but im trying to impress her scandinavian bruised ass?

dude knocked on my door and asked me to turn on the porch light so he could see if he was switching off my lights, so he could mark it on the box.

i said fine and laughed.

chick told me that i laugh at everything. that everything is a joke to me. she said i reminded her of the black cosby-ish doctor on the simpsons.

i told her that my coworker said that i was not enough of a disgruntled employee at work.

i told her that he called me far too gruntled, as a matter of fact.

then my porch light when out and i yelled at the dude and he said thanks.

then the toast popped up and she drove me to work.

we got caught in traffic and some asshole started honking at the traffic.

totally gay.

i heart kate + true boy rocks + happy birthday katie’s boyfriend

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