today is the last day

of the i will link you on my blog auction.

the winner will have his or her blog or web site linked in the upper left where you see “no creativity”‘s link for the entire month of may.

if the winner does not have a blog or web site, and would like me to link something else, i will be happy to do so.

i dont care what it is.

how bad could it be?

if it was really terrible would it be a bad reflection on me? of course not.

similarilly, if it was a super cool blog or website, then people shouldnt look at me in a more positive light. but if you must…

as i lay my head down to sleep tonight, i see the bidding has reached $36. let me say that im impressed.

thats a little more than a twelve pack of mgd, i dont care how bad your local liquor store is ripping you off.

$36 is mighty close, however to the cost of an LA Metro bus pass, which is funny, because i have kicked around the idea of scanning my bus pass at the begining of the month and if anyone wanted to flow the $42, that they’d be linked for a month underneath the picture of the bus pass.

am i making any sense?

its nearly one am. my phone has been ringing off the hook. ive been watching my new favorite show on tivo, mr. personality.

this guy got lewinskied in the mens room by a hula girl and the next day monica herself wanted to judge him for the sole act that she is infamous for.

but oh to only be judged on personality and the opportunity to make a move in a dark basement with a hot bikini girl.

how far would you go?

of course you kiss her, duh, but what do you whisper afterwards.

id whisper, squeeze my arm if you want more

dirty girl


best thing about these shows is its a bright light on the sad fact that there are very few good guys out there, which makes balding busriding ebayers like me a little more comfortable in our mediocraty.

i read a lot of good blogs today, and one spoke of the possibility of throwing a makeout party, and i say throw it.

if only to give some budding romeo the chance to introduce himself to three blushing girls next to the record player so he can say and i will before the night ends make out with you and you and you

so get ready.

your favorite sorority girl + best redesign + not a slut + full of nothing + nobody

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