dear gay, bi, lesbian, and transgendered readers of the busblog

hello, my name is tony, i write little jokes.

i have no hatred for any of you, infact i love you all. not because im enlightened or open-minded, but because im lazy, and its easier for me to accept foreign behavoirs than it is for me to hate them.

i lived in san francisco for many years. now i live in hollywood. hard to throw a rotten egg out a window without hitting a gay in either of those towns.

i also wrote for a college newspaper where the boys liked to kiss one another to freak everyone out. only defense for such an action was to kiss them back with more tounge. strangely, the womenfolk were amused by this behavoir, and maybe a little turned on. also amused (but not turned on) was the California Intercollegiate Press Association who hosted the college journalism awards that we won annually, in dresses.

with that said, it’s safe to say that im not a homophobe.

additionally, it is my belief that people should find love wherever possible.

me, i love to write. i love to experiment with language. i love to play around with ideas and concepts and slang, and hot buttons.

in 2003 you wont see an LA Times columnist say that something is “gay.” Even if something is blatantly gay, you wont read a writer write it.

i think thats fucked up.

similarilly you wont see a writer say that somethings fucked up.

theres a problem there. we have a problem with language and communication. we are so politically correct these days we’ve painted ourselves into a corner where everyone is a victim to anything that comes out of anyone else’s mouth.

when i see things that are fucked up or gay and i dont write it down and present it to you, im not doing my job as a popular blogger.

now, for all the racist, sexist, homophobe motherfuckers out there: hi, my name is tony. please stop being ignorant.

please stop being violent to people different than you.

please stop acting in such a way that people wont let me say that something is gay when i want to say something is gay.

cuz its all gay.

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