apparently if you went into a particular phone store in Russia today

cell phone brick and took off your clothes, they would give you a free cellular phone.

i didnt even know they had cell phones in Russia.

when i was in college they had a weasly record store (that didnt sell any records) that had a promotion where you could get one free cd if you took off your clothes. they said that they would be filming it so a lot of people chickened out. still i think they got 100 kids to bare it all. hopefully they got busted for kiddie porn since im sure there were some underagers in the group.

i kept my clothes on even though Achtung Baby had just been released.

today is April Fools day and i wonder if they have that in Russia. if they did i would have been doublely suspicious of said promotion.

im not a big fan of April Fools because i think it takes a lot to gain someones trust and only one day and one stupid “joke” to ruin it. plus im very naive and gullible and sometimes i end up trusting people who i shouldnt.

i was thinking about doing an april fools thing on here today but i want you all to trust me, which i know is difficult since i say on here that nothing is true, but still you do, and i appreciate that to no end.

this girl today said that she sent me a package with some pictures of herself. i bet that was an april fools joke. typically the ladies just deliver the goods, make my jaw drop, and then i go about my business.

how did we get off track.

what i want to say is i like what metafilter did today.

let me know if youve seen some other sites do this today.

urban chic + almost bathing suit season + vodka pundit

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