if you only knew who reads these pixels.

it would scare the holy crap out of you.

typically i get about a thousand hits a day to the site and the blog. lately its gone down a little. whatev.

in a perfect world you would think that as the popularity of blogging grows, so, therefore, my hits would steadilly increase. but that doesnt make sense. because with more blogs comes more choice, therefore less hits.

regardless, that southern gentleman, the Instapundit gets 100 times the hits i get and the growth of the web seems to only build his readerbase. but he and i are playing different games.

im trying to make something out of nothing. people come here and they have absolultely no clue what theyre going to get. mostly because the author has no idea what he’s going to give.

instapundit is going to tell you all the things you wish your newspaper and cnn would give you: news, politics, law, and current events in a trustworthy, intelligent, concise manner.

busblog is going to probably just break a few hundred rules of grammar and spelling in a roundabout way of talking about Self.

thus 1/100 of the popularity.

for some reason i consider Instapundit a peer. which is like a mite considering a crocodile a peer. sure they walk the same grounds, feel the same sun, and God loves them in the same way, but theyre not damn peers. one is an incredible super creature. the other is a fucking mite.

this mite is very comfortable believing that the thousand points of light are really a hundred, but more like ten: chris, karisa, azarock, madpony, basart, and my little brother who rips my shit off and puts it in collegehangover dot com.

i dont look at myself that way out of any sense of humbleness, although i am incredibly humbled by the talent and popularity of other bloggers in the blogosphere, but i guess in a way i dont even really think that the thousand people who read this are real readers and some are loyal readers and some are famous and some work in super cool places, and some might even work in places that i might even talk about.

with that said, Google, i love you.

Blogger, i love you even more.

im sorry if i made you think otherwise.

i am so loyal you dont even know, and all i wanted to do last night was let my man Bunsen get his props on the left hand tally.

im doing a weird little thing where im asking perfect strangers to give me, a perfect stranger, ten bucks for a car.

you know how ridiculous a concept that is?

its a science fair art project that if the Instapundit wanted to abuse his power he could be a millionaire in a week.

100,000 times $10 = InstaMillionaire.

i dont want to be a millionaire, i just want a car.

if i was a millionaire i would think all these babes were after me just for my fat wallet.

wait up.

where was i?

totally spaced out.

san dimas highschool football rules!

blogger + google + paypal + new photo spread

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