lest anyone be confused

im feeling on top of the world. maybe its due in part to the girl next door and my drunken exploits on friday.

maybe its due in part to the dustiny thats going on on the northside of chicago.

maybe its due in part to all the nice comments that people leave me here day after day after day rooting me on as if i was a marathoner which i am running one legged like a do cursing all the way like im apt to.

maybe its just over due.

hot babe came over the other day wearing some sweet shoes, so dazzling that i sorta wish i had a fetish.

like most people i have my fetishes. i have a hand holding fetish. i have a fetish for girls with really high voices and sorta sultry low ones. i like accents too. is that a fetish?

i dont think i have any damn fetishes.

i dated a girl in college who only wore catholic girl skirts when she’d come over to my house. i gave that girl anything she wanted. she wanted me to take her virginity though, and i wouldnt do that. i still think you should love the person you do that with and i barely knew her.

all i knew was she knew what i liked and she wanted to get rid of it and she thought that i was the best man for the job and once again someone was wrong about me.

but not by too much.

i have a fetish for smart girls. i knew this girl who would talk to me about how she was upgrading her computer and it got me crazy.

i think im just crazy.

i know im crazy.

i want to be crazy.

all these people are talking about how great coachella was, im crazy to have missed it.

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