even though im a born again,

and even though im a Christian minister, and even though im from chicago, im not homophobic.

but i do know when people are acting gay, and im not ashamed to call someone on it.

men do not discuss the sexiness of another man when discussing sports.

if they do, they are acting gay.

that is different than being gay.

there is a lot to talk about when discussing professional sports. the shape of the pitchers leg, in an amorous way, is not acceptable. under any circumstance.

even though the Bible is against same-sex love, i am not against it. in fact it’s one of the ver few lines in the Bible that i have questions about, and confusion.

but i am not confused about what should not be bandied about when bsing about baseball.

girls have it easier. girls can talk about girls. girls can say that girls have cute outfits, how they look good, how their asses look good in clothes, etc.

men may think these thoughts, but if we say them, we are acting gay. and even though there is something fundementally wrong about this, too bad, its the cross we have to bear. in return we get to piss standing up.

similarilly we dont talk about ball players’ buttocks, hairstyles, moustashes, muscles, pearly white teeth, cold blue eyes, upper body, lower body, bellies, voices, or lips.

we can talk about batting stances.

we can say mo vaughn has a big fat ass. but youre best bet is just to allow the obvious stay that way.

when in doubt do what harry carey would do.

harry wouldnt talk about mark prior’s legs, or mo vaughn’s ass, he would see a pretty woman and say, “miss chicago is in attendence today i see.”

thats not gay.

i say this, of course, on a blog, on the internet.

gayest fucking thing ever.

nina + que sera sera + sane libs + id go with her

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