chatted with madpony kristin last night


it’s nice to know that there are still some very classy young women being raised right in america.

today is the madpony girls’ mom’s birthday. happy 31st birthday mrs. madpony!!!

had to fight a little crime last night on the way home.

seems there was a guy on the san diego freeway who wanted to kill himself, so they called out the swat team.

the swat team had rifles.

since when is the proper way to handle suicidal people to show up with rifles?

speaking of swat, did you guys see that dumb movie?

many many la subway errors in that movie.

the worst being that they use the Same subway station for all the shots. its the wilshire / western station that i use every day.

in one scene they run down there and say “oh, hes at the Figueroa station! Lets get him. And they miss the subway and have to drive to the Figueroa station and we see them run down into that station and they look around and they say, damn, hes not here. Meanwhile right behind them it says “Wilshire / Western”.

one of the things about the subway stations in LA, each has a different theme.

The Wilshire / Western theme is the art deco green and silver style that can be found at the historic Wiltern Theatre that can be found at the corner of WILshire and wesTERN.

the same Wiltern that is prominently displayed in the background as the SWAT guys climb out of what we are told is the Figueroa station.


why cant madpony kristin live in LA so that i could show her the subway system of this fair city?

why cant madpony kristin live in hollywood and teach me class.

and how to tame wild horses.

and how to successfully rush a sorority house.

oh why isnt life fair.

moxie + madpony + goobita

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