ernie the attorney questioned the brilliance

of mr. tom waits in a comment today.

he said that the song “franks wild years” from the 1983 classic “swordfishtrombones” was sexist or… i don’t remember. i don’t want to fight today. i don’t want to argue with ernie the attorney today.

i just want to make it through this manic monday and forget the fact that im (almost) three-times older than the 35 yr old standard by which we made our completely unscientific study of yesterday.

im just stoked that i have a date tonight.

im also stoked that i didn’t go to the xgames this weekend because i would have felt like a complete loser.

those guys are flipping their motorcycles across football fields, skateboarding while on fire, riding bikes while standing on their banana seats.

it makes me wonder how one could do the same in the blog world and i see that there’s very little that we can do in creative writing that hasn’t been done before.

i can tell you about the dull work i do here flying thousands of feet above this great city, i can tell you about the lovely ladies who roll up in their mercedes, who tick tock don’t stop, arriving in all ages.

but that’s all been done. everythings been done.

the xgames showed me that pretty much nothings been done before in the world of hurling ones body around and i like that. no fear. no worry. no doubt. rock out.

my buddy steve noticed something at the busblog friday that he had never seen before.

he saw a caption this please picture that i took down after it got no comments.

that will happen.

what he didn’t mention was the fact that someone actually won the auction to sponsor the busblog for a year and that person hasn’t paid or revealed him/herself.

very interesting.

high bidder, reveal yourself and pay up.

else suffer the curse of the unpaid bidder.


i should kid, i feel like im paying the price of something bad ive done.

i had terrible heartburn earlier today and now my legs are ridiculously sore.

how on earth can i entertain a fair damsel in this condition!

ernie the attorney

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