first time i ever saw two girls french kiss

was on the bus in highschool and i thought, thats it, thats what i want to be.

a lesbian cheerleader.

i was a sophomore on the jv basketball team. we took two busses on away games. the varsity took one bus. and the jv, sophomore and freshman team all shared another bus.

back of the bus was the jv team. furthest away from the coaches and teachers. im not exactly sure if it was just a straight up dare, but it was something like that and this one hot cheerleader leaned over to this other hot cheerleader and they made out for a good thirty seconds.

which is eternity for a fifteen year old boy, which the bus was full of.

i dont think i talked to any of my friends about it. my school was completely repressed and yet the girls werent ostracized because they had boyfriends, and also because it was hot as hell.

we didnt talk about it because it blew our minds and we wouldnt even know where to begin the discussion, especially since most of us were lucky even to get a kiss off some girl, never mind a full blown lesbian french kiss

in cheerleader outfits.

the way i remember it both of the girls had their legs crossed, they leaned over the walk way, gave a nice long kiss, smiled and went back to whatever people were talking about.

i think im now only beginning to realize that it wasnt just a beautiful dream.

the sun set in the windows and the endless rows of cornstalks rolled past next to the highway.

since then ive seen lots of girls kiss and its never really lost its charm.

in other news the cubs are breaking my heart.

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