hi bad luck.

i see you there. youre at my front door. youre at my back door. youre at my front window. youre in my heart.

i see you in the moon. i see you in the dark. i see your shadow move across the lawn thats wet from dew and yellow from dogpiss.

and dark from the gnarled tree blocking the moonlight.

youre in my computer and youre eating away at it. youre checking out chris’s pictures and jeanines and karisas. youve got moxies and clipper girls and annas folders and youre invading them, you want to fuck it all up and maybe you will but i see you and youre nothing.

anyone can be a destroyer but so few can create.

create mayhem if you want but thats easy.

even the dumbest rock can fall off the dumbest cliff and make a series of beautiful ripples on a peaceful lake

but guess what bad luck

that lake goes back to being cool in no time

and youre just a dumb rock again

this time forgotten in the watery depths

never to see the setting sun again

never to get sat on for a pizza picnic

never to get initials scratched on it.

never to have a joint rolled on it.

bad luck youre fleeting and you do your best on me and mine, youre in my computer so bad i cant even Copy or Paste.

four hundred megahurts, 128 mb of ram, and ive put out better things on this old box than all the bad luck on this bad block and i know youre after me cuz i can taste the dish soap on my baja fresh plastic cup

i can hear you when youre fucking shit up.

maybe twice in the history of the modern day busblog there hasnt been a picture

so take a picture cuz this wont last long.


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