i havent made it through the wilderness.

i havent made it through anything.

i made it through the morning, but just barely.

i was up till 3:30am last night busting my hump putting together that photo essay and it doesnt seem like any of you kids liked it.

oh well, karisa, i guess youre over the hill.

just like me and madonna.

guess we’ll all just have to hang out on the front porch in our rocking chairs drinking 40s and waving at the neighbors who walk by slowly with their hands behind their backs and nod in our direction.

more country time, madonna?


other day i was in a rocking chair with madonna and we were thinking of fun video games for adults.

we wanted to make this one called Cat Fight.

two hookers square off in a sort of Soul Calibur / Mortal Kombat game but instead of Kill moves with swords they’ll whip out a dildo or an electrocutable vibrator and super vibrate the girl in the private area.

crazy bonus rounds that i feel guilty even thinking of right now, but that madonna sure has a dirty mind.

ok, i’ll tell you this one.

remember the game Tapper where you had to get beers to all these thirsty guys?

ok, the hooker has to go to each guy in a chair and get them hard but when then take care of the others before they get too soft and walk away.

keep everyone hard and you get a bonus.

or a super power disguised as a fur coat or a spikey shoes.

i know we’re dumb, but it was fun.

uppity negro + sara k smith

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