yes, Americans for War won the Sponsor the Busblog for a year auction.

they won fair and square.

their bid wasnt even that big.

i would like to say “this is what happens when you dont bid.” but thats not my style.

i would like to say, “lets have a recall auction.”

but im not a weasel like lots of people in my state.

trust me, i was just as shocked and freaked out when i got the email from the winning bidder telling me the name of the website that they wanted me to link

for a year

on my beloved, completely anti-war busblog.

plus the winning bid came from an email address from an ivy league school.

and our dear president came from an ivy league school, so that made me nervous.

so then i actually went to the site that i was going to link for a year.

and the design was very professional.

and then i saw a picture of the guy from Phish under the header: Future Targets for War:

Familiarize yourself with the enemies threatening America. Know who we should attack next and why.

and i realized it was a joke.

it was satire.

a satire website had sponsored my sweet blog for a year.

and i sighed a long breath of relief.

and then i inhaled

and exhaled.

and then i thought, i really do live a lucky ass life.

so welcome aboard Americans for War.

congratulations on winning the auction!

Americans For War, LLC

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