you guys know im a dumbass, right?

thats what sort of ass i am.

i cant believe i wrote the previous post on the eve of possibly getting a column on a huge website.

what if they misunderstand it?

i want to just say “whatever” but isnt that what mr. beard guy said when his wife told him, “if you take sergie to the zoo, please dont let him too close to the bears, they have claws you know.”

i just want to move back to isla vista. my home.

i want to marry a pretty girl and get a phd in something fun and then teach.

i want to wear a tweed jacket with patches on the elbows and smoke a pipe in the park and skateboard to my home and play with my kids and be an advisor to the Daily Nexus.

right now i’d call up the editor in cheif and id say, hows my paper.

im not sick anymore.

there was a miracle today as work wound down to quitting time.

suddenly the gross feeling in my gnose and throat dissappeared.

then one thing lead to another.

then all these nice things happened.

then i banged out the column i had been procrastinating.

then i ate my little dinner.

then i chatted with a bunch of people, one who i hadnt chatted with in a year.

then i ate a bowl of cookie dough ice cream.

then i watched howard stern.

then i thought of you.

then i sent my column across the country to be edited.

then i said goodbye to my nice chat friend.

then i said my prayers.

then i said amen.

matt + raymi + moxie

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