my cyberhome dvd recorder

crapped out on me the other night and i was going to bring it to frys for an exchange or a refund but the super dooper hot chick who was over last night (not pictured) did me three times but refused to drive me to an electronics store, woe is me.

then all of a sudden it worked again so now i am frantically burning dvds of all my favorite porn vhs tapes before it stops working.

meanwhile im listening to 103.1 LA’s Independent which WILL NOT for any reason stop playing pearl jam. they just this minute segued from bob marleys “redemption song” to “spin the black circle”. why? why would you do that?

they also seem quite infactuated with the pretenders. last night we were trying to get it on and they put on “middle of the road”. i was scared that limbaugh was about to come on and tell us this whole new alternative radio station was just a big fakeout.

now its the police “born in the 50s”. now this i can live with. infact i love it. classic rock isnt gonna play that. kroq isnt.

a niche has been found on radio, america. its incredible!

ive had this thing on since nine this morning.

karisa called me from vegas asking what i was doing, i told her i was listening to the radio.

she said 103.1

i said yep.

i was thinking what it could be like to be any better. they could tell you what song you just heard, thats for sure.

but i dont want djs. pornstars maybe. politicians, celebrities, homeless, kids. but by all means no djs.

right now its got no commercials which is mighty awesome. they have all the music in the world to choose from. they did a velvets song. i heard public enemy. i could use a smidge more hip hop. believe it or not, but not so much nirvana. maybe some live tracks.

they played kiss me on the bus last night as we got home.

nearly died.

im putting pics from last year that i didnt use on my buzznet deal + chelle + wormhog

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