the problem with the way

ive set up this blog is that sometimes i have a cool picture that i want to post so i have to write enough of godknowswhat that will sorta match up with the picture, but what if i only have a few lines to say about it, then what, then do i just drone on and on so that the text can make it around the picture and “look good”, or do i change the subject to something completely unrelated to the first few paragraphs and try to play it off as punk rock.

everyone knows you cant be punk rock in a blog.

sally was a pretty girl but hid it. i didnt even see it till she unzipped her army jacket unbuttoned her flannel and pulled up her stooges shirt. i unsnaped her three clasped fredricks number like that and suddenly i was surrounded. before midnight i was alone again and thinking of what to write to you cuz if i wrote about it right away i was afraid that she’d think that she couldnt trust me, that shed think that everything we did together would get recorded photographed documented and posted, immediately.

she was a writer from back east. flew out here and rented a motorcyle. i said nice canvas bag, she said its hemp, i said i love you. she said yes but i love you. she said whats punk about tsar i said the pink one stars she said isnt it gay i said gay is ten percent punk is one percent and tsar are the kings of the school.

she said what about the corvids, i said the corvids were not only last years best album but the most interesting surprise next to the polyspronic spree or whatever theyre called.

she asked why do men like plaid miniskirts so much do you think and she recrossed her legs and i caught a glimpse of her tartan and she said is there a reason and i said plaid has a lot of things going on in it. youve got a thick stripe going that way and a see thru line going this way and a thin line going going through all of them. and then of course you get that sweet territory known as the thigh

she said do you like pale girls

i said i love pale girls

she said whats the coolest thing youve seen this week and uncrossed her legs and leaned closer to me

and i said the peanuts gang dancing and singing to outkast.

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