she was sexy. far too sexy for me.

the things she would say would sound sexy and she wasnt even trying. didnt have to. sometimes i would feel bad projecting things like that on certain girls, but with her i wasnt projecting, she was oozing.

people ooze things all the time. some people are just plain dickheads, and they ooze that. some people are super super shy and they ooze that.

the fact that shaq can take it coast to coast if he needed to and drive the lane and bring it, she was that without any of your silly words

the flip in her hair was like that

dont dare look at her eyes, or her lips for that matter cuz the mouth could get you with the shape the glisten or the way the teeth hid there peeking. you didnt realize it but youd been ganged up as you were cowardly trying to retreat by a glossed upper lip.

no help at the neck. which was perfect. which hung cuteness like a simple bow.

even her freckles would fuck with you.

perk pierced pointy tas trying to get out of that ultra tight monogrammed sweater

heather cynthia tomlinson

but the way the monogram streteched the “c” it looked like an “o”

even her


looked sexy.

she told me that she has gotten to read the palms of all her friends and now she would like to read mine.

i said are we friends.

she said of course we’re friends tony.

her mouth made an o

every once in a while i will write the truth on here

i recommend you do the same on yours.

i said what happens if i dont want my palm read.

she said tony pierce.

people call me by my name alot.

same thing happens to my man john woo.

i said good book says to stay away from mediums and psychics.

she said but im neither of those.

i said maybe you dont know you are yet.

and whats fucked up the most

is her lips

which i shouldnt have been watching

moved apart just enough

to make a new



and i think thats

when she officially became


kate + virginia + amy + lick

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