you didnt believe him then

i dont believe him now.

look at that picture.

look at that cover of sports illustrated.

do you see a liar there?

i see two liars.

pete said that bud selig said that he had one question for pete, and then he asked at least four right there!

but whats also telling about this alleged confession is the date.

when mr selig looked at pete rose and asked him the first of those four questions and pete rose told him that he bet on baseball

the commisioner of baseball sat on that information for 14 months

bud selig knew in november of 2002

something doesnt smell right

why did the commisioner of baseball keeping this information quiet until pete rose wanted to write a book

seems to me that the commisioners office has been making a lot of deals with pete rose and thats why i dont believe this quote unquote confession.

when baseballs greatest hitter was given a lifetime ban he didnt fight it because he worked out a deal with then-commisioner bart giamatti that he would be allowed a review 2-3 years later. little did pete know that the commish’s incredibly bad karma of banning baseballs best hitter ever would kill him within a week.

and now apparently rose had a deal with selig that he would say he bet on baseball as long as there were some terms attached

and it looked like one of the terms was that selig wouldnt tell anyone about the “confession” until pete had finished his book.

so what were the other terms that selig made with rose regarding this alleged revelation?

could it be that bud told pete that If he confessed Then he would be allowed on the hall of fame ballot?

is that too much of a reach?

if more than one commisioner is capable of making any deals with pete rose regarding the 17 time all-star’s alleged gambling behavoir, isnt it possible that the sitting commisioner was capable of persuading rose to say what everyone thought was true regardless of if it actually was true?

i think so.

commissioners are all about power and bud selig is no exeption.

bud selig the former owner of the milwaukee brewers who had no business being commissioner has flexed his powers in nearly every way possible. he allowed the world series to be cancelled, he stopped the all star game, he instigated interleague play, he even tried to eliminate the minnesota twins and montreal expos.

now he wants to not only be the good guy who allows pete into the hall of fame

but he also wants to be the badass who brings him to his knees.

i do not think it is beyond the scope of bud selig to be involved in a dirty deal thats less interested in the “truth” or in repentance, as it is in powerplays, legacies, and pissing contests.

fuck bud selig

free pete rose

if you think hes been lying for 14 years why do you think hes telling the truth about this?

and on top of it, who the hell cares if he bet on his team

if i owned a team id want every single one of my players betting on their team.

since when did betting on your team become the same thing as betting against your team?

huge difference, by the way.

ask any bookie.

speaking of books, bet on the fact that on thursday i get rose’s

tina + tiffany + leah

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