barbie is breaking up with ken.

i dont blame her. fuck ken. women get barbie and we have that dickless prettyboy?

other thank smile, in 47 years wtf has ken done.

he’s kept the weight off. i’ll give him that. i looked in the mirror the other night and there is a gut there, america. wasnt pretty.

not like ken.


ken always seemed like he was waving at something.

what the hell was he always waving at.

fuck ken.

put “ken” into google and whattya get?

you get the substance abuse and mental health services administration.

i dont know why.

maybe cuz ken’s a druggie.

which is the secret reason why barbie, who never really seemed to have much use for bro before, kicked his plastic ass to the curb.

the second return of ken into google is ken layne and the corvids.

the best record that came out last year.

if barbie’s ken was in the corvids he wouldnt be waving goodbye to her sweet ass today.

btw, all the corvids have hot babes.

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