drunk bored restless

waiting for karisa to call back cuz shes coming over we’re gonna eat pizza and then we are going to the damn show and watch tsar kick all our asses while drinking two dollar beers. how do you beat that? great rock music for free if you whisper free diana ross at the door and two dollar beers.

and im serious for a minute. tsar could be the finest rock band in los angeles. do you know how many times i say that on this blog – tsar is the finest rock band in los angeles and nobody calls bullshit? nobody.

does the music scene in la blow? yes. its blown since guns got signed. doesnt matter. every year there is a great band that plays la for a while until people figure it out. weezer did it. beck did it. now tsars doing it. my recommendation get there early and stand near the front. the power And the subtlety can best be seen and felt from up close.

i should be showering or cleaning up the pad but im lazy and drunk and i really want to play playstation but when i bought that thing i promised myself that i would only play if i did something constructive first. so i will tell you about someone who told me that they have a crush on me. me!

how do you like them apples.

i dont believe it of course but it is very nice. im almost done reading pimp by iceberg slim and he wrote this in the 40s about pimping in the 30s and guess what number his hotel is in downtown chicago. four twenty.

i love this book so. i dont want it to end. i cant see how it could end. fortunately my man has written several books about his pimp life and im going to let something out into the universe. lets see what happens.

pimp needs to be a modern day film starring of course snoop dogg. i would also cast Shaquille O’Neal as “Sweet” the biggest meanest pimp in town who lives in a penthouse apartment and just might be “crazy” and lil kim as “The Runt” his whore. this book is so intensely real its unreal. and the stories and descriptions seem so modern day that its freaky. but the most surprising thing about it is how much attention he pays to jazz music which is always playing. if he gets into a studebaker, or walks into a bar, or goes into an apartment theres either live music, a jukebox, or a record player belting out duke ellington or billie holiday. he beats his whore in one instance as billie holiday’s “my man” spins in the corner of the room.

the main character is a tall skinny black man who’s main asset is how well he can speak the pimp jive.

i see a cameo from richard pryor as one of the theives in the bar, eminem as one of the bad cops, and of course sam jackson as “Top” the pimp who teaches “Blood” the trade.

spike lee should direct, duh.

snoop would probably do it for a few million, and sam jackson would be the most expensive but he has been in four spike lee movies but none since ’91s jungle fever. thats 13 years ago! wtf, sam. lil kim’s not gonna cost you anything.

i see a cameo by mariah carey as the woman who educates the young man in the sack when he was a teen.

the movie could be and should be made for under thirty million. a few interiors. no special effects. and if it works out you have a few more books to go to if you want some ready made sequels.

heres ways to mess it up.

hire will smith instead of snoop dogg.

make it modern day.

put hip hop music in it anywhere


leah + rabbit + my afro is for sale

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