heres the thing.

i dont mind if you pack the court. just dont do it with racists. is that too much to ask?

and by racists, i mean judges who trim the time off of sentences to people convicted of CROSS BURNING.

other than hanging a man for being black, what more racist thing could you do to someone other than burn a cross on his yard for having a white girlfriend?

so what on earth would inspire a judge to say that another judge’s sentencing of 7 years is too long?

fucker burned a cross on a man’s lawn.

so thats the judge, charles pickering who stoked the racist criminal and shortened the sentence. now we have president george bush who appointed this guy to the appeals court.

what does it say about the president of the united states for sneaking this guy in?

and what does it say of his supporters?

during black history month.

we can disagree about taxes and the war and wmd and all this other bullshit that many of you seem to want to bury your head in the sand about.

we can pretend that bush didnt really have the biggest surplus this country ever had, and we can pretend that the largest deficit of all time is also a lie.

but wtf is this shit?

if youre going to pack the court, why cant it just be normal conservatives?

why does it have to be the worst fucking excuses of humanity?

racists, sexists and gay-haters?

to me this is deeper than politics. to me this is scary.

im cool with politics. im sorta cool with lots of you backing your bro regarding this war. i will give you that it is probably a better world without saddam. we will get our hundreds of billions back. those 500+ soldiers who died for your oil will go to heaven and have 1776 virgins.

but these judges are fucked up and i have a hard time even thinking that even conservatives want to align themselves with this shit.

but who knows.

you people suprise me all the damn time.

i will tell you this though. if i was a republican, i would look around and see if theres anyone else who could go against kerry cuz the guy you have right now didnt find osama, fucked the economy HARD, lied about wmd, bent over to halliburton, buried cia docs about 9/11 before and after 9/11, and is now packing courts with racists and gay haters.

i am seriously trying hard to find any redeeming qualities about this tard and not only am i having an extremely hard time doing it but now im questioning those who support him and his, dare i say, fascist actions.

no wonder nader is running. who in their right minds would vote for what might be the worst president this nation ever had?

how appealing + jack bog + ernie the attorney

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