our girl kristin updated

and not only that but it was a cool creepy tale of college and mysterious ghostlike creatures sending her strange messages via chalk and sidewalks.

i love ghoststories.

i also like it when people write the madpony and make her happy.

its raining here in hell aye. im listening to fitty duetting with beyonce. now its the darkness. now its my new favorite record, dave grohls probot with lemmy on one track. god bless lemmy.

if i ran vh1 i would run a lemmy tribute right now and get it over with. fuck waiting till he dies. whys a nigga gotta die before the man tips his hat to his shit? thats all i wanna know.

i wanna know if she’ll ever love me.

i want lemmy to cover whitney.

i also want lemmy to cover beyonces crazy in love. i see gold. probably platinum if you get the tower of power horns to back him.

lemmy needs to get on american records. rick rubin would know how to market his ass.

to me producing is half pimping. rick pimped johnny cash brilliantly. i dont know how he fucked up on the jesus and mary chain so poorly. its amazing that Lost in Translation has reminded people how good that band was. god i miss em.

speaking of music, as many of you know Frank Black, Black Francis, Charles Blahblah got interviewed by our girl Emmanuelle the other day. Then her french editors f’ed shit up. Then Frank found Em’s Buzznet pictures and sorta gave her a hard time. in her comments section.

some people think its cool that he would be using the internet to “clear things up”, but no. its not cool. its not rock. its not punk. its not cool especially when he knows damn well that Richard is her maiden name and he tries to call her Richard as if she was a man.

emmanuelle is a lot of things: hot, french, smart, funny, killer, brilliant, welch’s wife, and shes all woman.

frank black oughtta be stoked that the kids still give a shit about the pixies.

fat not really rock stars leaving comments on the internet is not cool.

whats cool is planet of sound, allison, covering the j&m chain, recording with albini, giving kim deal someone to sing with.

trying to diss good reporters in their pictures comments is kidstuff.

when i was in college i had the great good opportunity to interview on seperate occasions both ms kim deal and mr black francis. and to the surprise of no one kim gave the greatest phone interview ive ever had the pleasure of being a part of and fatboy gave the worst.

write some new songs, hit your high notes, and quit trying to manipulate the french music media, which no one, no offense emmanuelle, ever paid much attention to. even now.

madpony + spit circle + dirty fez

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