tomorrow leah turns 18 years old.

i mention this because she has been kicking my ass since she was 15.

i think she has 3-4 different journals/blogs but the only one ive ever paid much attention to was her site at

i like leah because she always seems a little too smart for her britches, she has her own style, and pretty much always keeps it positive. which is interesting because in her about section the native canadian writes this about where she now lives in texas:

My sister, Elana, is 21 and moved back to Canada after she graduated. She did not like it here and I do not blame her.

maybe its cuz elana didnt have a jon bon jovi boyfriend.

its not that leah hasnt had her struggles. the day after christmas this year she found out she had been fired at her place of employment.

then there was that time last year when she realized that you cant really sell a zine for a buck these days.


and sold it for two bucks.

i like that she takes a lot of pictures and movies and isnt afraid to stay clothed.

it didnt seem that long ago that i interviewed leah for my website. this was a time before blogs, so maybe it was sorta long ago. anyway, after that, i put her in my “i will never be this cool section” in my links page, and she hasnt left it.

if she ever wrote anything for lick i would probably fall over.

since our interview many moons ago i think we’ve chatted maybe twice or three times. im very happy just being a loyal reader of hers and shes never let me down.

happy birthday leah vacant girl. one of the biggest rockstars on the internet.

vacant + zine #2 is on the market + livejournal

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