why didnt anyone tell me

that the lingerie bowl was live, here in LA at the colleseium? one rapid bus gets me to the damn colleseium!

didnt matter. i had a small get together over at the pad. at first i totally wanted to have a party, then i totally didnt. then when people showed up i was happy again.

all weekend i had procrastinated on Lick and it wasnt even like i had to do that much this weekend. Raspil had done all of the hard stuff and mr. jason sutter fixed a baffling problem that was impossible for ms iverson and i but probably a peice of cake for jason who built this city on rock n roll.

all i had to do was arrange it, fix the links, and move it over from the bluecad site to the lickmag site and do a photo essay introduction.

and just like any college paper or project, i waited until the very last minute to do anything.

i even waited late to ask Raspil for help and thank God Almighty that she not only said yes, but did it quickly and gorgeously.

lick launched with a few minutes to go in the second quarter. i wanted to have time to see how much the lingerie bowl cost, so i paused the super bowl, switched tuners and went over to channel 102 and saw that it was only $20 so we watched that during half time switiching over to the mtv lap dance which the children at the party truly loved.

the nine year old said “it must be hard to yearn for attention in the jackson family” and then ate more of jeanines cake.

jeanine, who hates sports, baked a chocolate cake for the superbowl and brought it over. it was spectacular.

my true love didnt make it

karisa didnt make it

miss montreal was mia.

clipper girl wasnt there.

dylan showed up though and gave me his new EP from his new band Shapes of Race Cars

and jeff whalen came over with his sister and her boyfriend sergio and jeff handed me a flyer.

it appears that Tsar will be playing The Derby next Tuesday, February 10.

the show will be free

and there will be $2 beers.

which makes me think i should consider taking wednesday off.

it’s only 10:30 but im exausted.

sergio was making us all do absinthe shots and im not as young as i used to be.

btw, the lingerie bowl was suprisingly good.

melting dolls + elise + annika

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