i have to put myself on a timeout.

motorheadi usually dont blog about blogging in that i dont make excuses for the times that i dont blog, and i dont tell you when im not going to blog because i hate it when i read that on other peoples shit.

im usually like, so what. who cares. what makes you think that i give a shit that youre not going to be blogging today, just write fucker.

but the busblog is a little different because i really do write several times a day and i wouldnt want people to think that chopper one went down and theres tragedy.

so heres whats going to be going on. today i have an appointment with the xbi. apparently i was shot and didnt even know it. so theyre going to take that slug out of me. then i have my yearly appointment with the agency shrink where all i will do is lie and lie and lie. its the only time in my real life that i lie.

q. how do you like your job as a…. helicopter pilot?

a. i love it.

q. are there any issues that you would like to bring up?

a. nope. i love everything.

q. are you getting along with your coworkers?

a. oh yeah. completely.

q. where do you see yourself in a year at the xbi?

a. hopefully doing the same thing. i love my job, i love chopper one. if i could do this for the rest of my life i would be a happy man.

q. do you ever go through periods of depression?

a. only when the cubs break my heart.

q. hahahaha yes, but on the job?

a. no.

q. the violence never gets to you?

a. i dont consider it violence. its just part of the gig.

q. really?

a. if i wanted a desk job i woulda kept my job at microsoft.

q. are you happy with your salary?

a. i get a salary?!

q. are there any improvements that you would like the agency to implement?

a. last year we had a Consierge service. they would do things like get our drycleaning done, get us concert tickets, go grocery shopping for us, etc. then they took it away. i know that i bring in enough revenue for a consierge staff of 10 people. i liked that service. i didnt use it much except for renting and returning movies but the fellas sure loved it.

and then i will get drunk and cry.

tomorrow i will get the rare opportunity of seeing my little brother. yes i have a little brother. he’s 6′ 2″ so not that little anymore. but the plan is to hang with him while hes here for spring break and show him a good time tomorrow.

then on saturday a special guest from the blogosphere, the grapevine tells me, will be in town. i hope to meet her and entertain her over the weekend. and then wednesday through friday i hope she gets back from vegas and we get to hang out some more.

there will be photographs.

not a lot of blogging.

but there will be spring breaking and photographs.

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