took the southern belle to koreatown last night

for an evening of league bowling. she nibbled at my shrimp fried rice and watched us beat the kids from E! by the slimmest of margins: 2 pins.

owning up to their side of the bargain, the losers took us to their studio and we took pictures at the news desk and pretended to announce that bad music had been deemed illegal by the fcc meaning that most radio stations would have to start broadcasting in spanish so as to not offend rich white people. remembering that most of us were rich white people we went back to drinking and skipping rocks across the la brea tar pits.

one guy stripped down and wanted to go skinnydipping but baja fresh seemed more appealing.

today the plans are to go to santa barbara. the land that doc searls built. the place of my birth. its warm here in southern california. eighties or so. its sunny. its perfect. the radio plays everything perfect but the cd doesnt like burned discs and i thought we had gotten beyond that. do you know i love you? i do. i talked to karisa and chris and we went to miss montreals place of buisness yesterday and i swear to you three of the ladies there said, “bunny mcintosh!?”

and she said yes. and miss montreal said, and this is tony pierce. and the ladies said, bunny what brings you here? and you could see how excited they were and they should be. and the one thing i like about this girl is that she truly is a nice girl and being so little she gets drunk easily, matching me shot for shot at the alley and bottle for bottle at the tarpits and winebox for winebox on the cab home and at 1:30a i was happy that it was she who was passed out and not me for then i got to change my nba fantasy players around cuz im a dork.

and tonight we will eat the best burritos in californuh. those that are made in isla vista. where my children will be sired and my ashes will be spread.

home of my dreams.

land that i love.

we will drink on the cliffs of dp and toast to all of you.

and if theres a couch

we’ll burn that fucker to the gods

in your name.


mc brown + required reading + vanmega