this is the month of libra

my birth month. the ruling planet of libra is venus. goddess of love.

most librans believe in the ideals of peace and love. we yearn for balance and fairness and harmony.

we’re usually creative and open minded while looking for the beauty in things, the poetry, the grace.

because of this, libras make good writers, fair judges, objective ombudsmen.

being the cardinal (the leaders) of the air signs, we can see the truth in intellectual ideals but understand the pragmatism necessary to make the idea reasonable and practical.

we’re not afraid to tell the world that we love it.

i love you world.

the bad news is we get bored very easilly. we can be sluts. we can talk to much and be narcisistic (hello, its called and because it’s so easy to see many many possibilities, sometimes its hard for us to make a decision.

we’re also not as violent as the xbi would probably want us to be.

or very confrontive.

or all that great with follow-up.

as you know, im a freak. part of that might be due to the fact that since i was born on 10/22, i am part libra part scorpio.

scorpios like mystery. it may appear that a scorpio is putting everything on the table, but that would be the fakeout. theres a shell on the scorpion. theres also a tail with a dagger on its tip so watch it.

the good news is scorpios are the sexiest of the signs. love is second only to sex. and that sex ends with three x’s.

a scorpio will tell the world that it loves it, but only on a blog that says “nothing in here is true.”

i love you, world.

scorpios can keep a secret that would kill a libra to hold on to.

you could find yourself in a conversation with a scorpio and not realize that he or she hasnt said a word, simply mesmorized you with their smile, egged you on with their nods.

ask a scorpio how hes doing and the answer will ususally end in a “how are you doing?” and it’s not because theyre being polite.

ive met several people born on my birthday. the last one i met was naked within minutes after she found out what day i was born. who were we foolin. sex + love equals dirty tender friskiness with a healthy dose of intellectual narciscism that led to the battle of the loins.

and then we never talked to each other again.


the closest thing to astrological perfection ive ever experienced.

so if you feel love in the air this october, dont fight it.

it doesnt need to be sex love or crush love, it could just be a love of a thing or a place or a feeling or even a smell.

the goddess of love is here in large doses.

enjoy her while you can

and on 10/23 prepare for the sultry sting of the scorpion.

r.i.p. superman + is the president losing his mind? + pink floyd reunion?! + webtv makes a comeback

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