my arms are buzzing.

theyre gonna fall off any minute. the hands are cold and tingly. the wrists.

i have the libido of a 17 yr old and the hands and arms of a 111 yr old. blame the xbi.

i wont quit there because it inspires the busblog, but what good is it if the guy has to write it with his nose. which i will do. if necessary. cuz the tales need to be told.

only pussies dont play hurt.

little mans phone wouldnt stop ringing. he said what do you do when your phone wont stop ringing. he tried to just let it ring but then it filled up his answering machine. he doesnt want a phone but he has the best number ever.

and thats why i love working with little man.

today the busblog gave me two things.

the first is the first text ad ive ever accepted. best thing about it is it’s completely unsolicited.

thats what was good about that sbc thing too.

thats how life oughtta be. everyone knows your email address and your paypal address and they can just offer you nice things.

you dont have to say yes if you dont wanna.

i cant believe the sox left timlin in.

speaking of project du. for those of you who arent interested in getting me a birthday gift as i turn 111 in a week and a half. to which i totally understand.

but if you want to something nice for me that doesnt cost anything heres what you can do:

do me a favor and please go to the site, download the blog reader, use it for a little while and then tell me what you think.

i have always been honest with you and you should know what the products are that are being pimped on the busblog.

one of the blogs that are prepacked in the free reader is sterogum who has recently had some great britney coverage

well, today scott links to the new gwen stefani video.

q. hows the song?

a. god shes pretty.

q. no really hows the song?

a. she just might be flawless.

q. yeah but how do you like the 80s thing shes doing?

a. i cant wait to hear the track dre produced.

scenestars + twelve black code monkeys + video game ombudsman

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