after a day im still not sure how i feel

about howard stern being forced off FM radio and shunned to Sirus satelite radio.

on one hand it’s great for huge stern fans like myself. as an adult, i can handle swear words and the descriptions of sexual practices.

but what if im in a car that doesnt have sirius sat radio? no stern for me.

meanwhile, what sort of free country are we living in where a guy has to run away from the fcc to ensure that he isnt fined millions of dollars because of the loose lips of a guest or the slowness of a slacking engineer who is tardy hitting the “dump” button?

and why should the fcc be rid of their biggest enemy after they have not been held accountable in fining stern and not oprah for the same thing (a discussion of anal/oral sex).

not only have the fcc been given a free ride from the press and the government, but they havent even had to clearly define what is fineable and what isnt.

nor have they had to explain themselves for going backwards in time to fine stern, or their flip/flop regarding Bono’s exhuberant f-bomb at the golden globes.

to me its sad that under those circumstances a man who has prospered and remained popular over 20 years in radio must, in a sense, admit defeat and run for the hills, or in this case, space.

a bluer stern show though makes me wonder the future of his relationship with E! who currently broadcasts his tv show which is taped using segments from the radio program.

if i was stern i would consider moving off the cable station to and even lesser-restrictive HBO or Showtime so that both his radio and tv shows can be fully uncensored.

if i was Showtime, a channel that has completely been left in the dust by HBO, i would run Stern in its entirety, uncut and broadcast from 7p-11p each night.

but thats me, mr. vegas.

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