as many of you know, ive been blogging for a little over three years now

and im addicted. i have an admitted problem.

one of the signs of that problem is the last thing that i check before i go to sleep and the first thing that i check in the morn is my Site Meter stats. its not the number that im most interested in, it’s where the numbers are coming from.

the first wish is that some super hot chick is writing about me.

oh tony pierce, hes so clever. god i want him. i read his entire archives over the last few days and all his photo essays… and i saw pictures of him with his afro and now that he has a shaved head i think hes even cuter. i heart him. i not only have a blog crush, but a real crush. oh if only i lived in hollywood i would only want that he would be mine.

thats pretty much what im looking for when i go into my referral logs.

this morning was no different. with the rain plinking my french windows and the instant oatmeal bowl spinning in the microwave i clicked over to the site meter and i waded through all the hits from the washington post and saw no hits from and let out a gentle sigh of disappointment and walked to the fridge in the dark

defeated and ignored once again

just like every morning.

the blog trap had gone another night without snaring the babe.

and because im ill i brought my bowl of oats and my apple juice back to the computer and i went to my comments to see if anyone called me a genius in the comments

and then it dawned on me


wtf are there all those hits from the washingtonpost doing in site meter?

and lo, the second best thing apparently happened, howard kurtz today wrote about the little instadebate thingie. (which upon reading, glenn isnt at all amused, and is now trying to pretend that this is a debate about objectivity when it has only been about transparancy: be upfront with your readers about your biases, admit that you wont link to stories that are in conflict with your agenda, be not ashamed that youre a partisan republican… come out come out!)

anyway, hi washington post.

ive been linked by the la times and the ny times and i guess this completes the triple crown and still i dont know what to do when met with unexpected traffic from a completely unexpected source.

hi mom?

hi wonkette?

free martha?

one thing that people usually write when they get hits from me is “i wish i had cleaned up the place before you got here.” meaning they wished that they had written something super awesome the night before.

since i havent written anything super awesome in a while, i guess the only thing i can say this morning his


thanks for coming.

look around a little, theres lots to see, and i hope that you all come back

but right now i gotta catch a bus and go to work.

oh wait i know what to say to the washington post readers:

three things im pretty stoked about regarding our nations capital, the place i was born 10/22/blahblahblah

1. im glad youre getting your favorite mayor back

2. im glad youre getting a baseball team back

3. im glad you’ll probably have a new resident in the white house.

your pal,


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