as you know i took the morning off

to pitch a huge website the idea of having a blog.

some of you even prayed for me and for that i thank you.

but obviously a lot of you forgot to pray cuz i got demolished in this thing.


but yes, i did bomb.

somehow i knew going in what the objections would be. and i had some documents with me to overcome those objections, but nothing seemed to work.

some people would have gone into that meeting and said

i know i know i know, we can do the blog for your company without things like comments, breaking news, pictures, photo essays, or a way to blog remotely. we can do this and just make it look like a blog, but it will be secretly just a frequently-updated column.

but thats not me.

you know that.

of course i acknowledged that there was a reason why so few corporate sites have blogs… because it is different. it jibes differently from traditional web sites.

and i tried to stress that there is also a reason why blogs are being talked about like crazy right now, and why some blogs get more hits than gigantic web sites, and why some bloggers get more readers than entire newspaper circulations.

i tried to imply that if corporate web sites are all about pageviews + eyeballs + ad revenues, then whatever technological hurdles need to be leaped over to make it happen will be worthwhile once the hits start rolling in.

but lots of people, myself included, sometimes sell out to considerations despite the obvious rewards, because it’s just easier to go with the flow.

so maybe i should just forget about this company, who i truly admire, and would definately work for, even at a low salary.

suprisingly i was made aware of the fact that this company had actually brought my name up a while back when they were considering a blog. that blows my mind. even though i get more than my fair share of hits, i really dont pay much attention to that and i have this skewed idea that the million pageviews that i get a year are just from, you know, normal joes

like me.

so in retrospect, im glad i took the risk of emailing this company, im glad i went to the meeting, im glad i didnt sell out, im glad i told them what a blog is and how it should be set up and run.

im glad that i got out there a little bit.

this gave me confidence to pitch this to my two other favorite sites.

nothing to lose, right?

in other news, kerry smoked bush last night.

cluetrain + free parking in LA if you have a hybrid car + sk smith

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