crid doesnt like it

when i call the president a retard. and i still dont know why.

sure it isnt respectful, but i think its more respectful to tell someone what you think as opposed to bsing them.

which is one reason why i call bush a retard. hes bad at bsing people.

and he is, you know, a retard.

i saw footage of him debating ann richards many moons ago when he was running for governor of texas. he wasnt a retard in that debate. he was quick talking, quick thinkin, quick witted.

i can easilly say that he won the debate.

these last three debates against kerry he clearly lost. mostly cuz a lot of his answers were slowwitted filled with bad bs and because he acted retarded.

crid wants to pussyfoot with this administration even though he has no problem not pussyfooting with the previous one

the one where pretty much everything worked out.

now just dont think that i call the president a retard. there are many. the presidents supporters who know about his retardation are, well, sorta retards when they say things like, “i feel safer with that retard even though 9/11 happened on his watch, even though nobody was fired after 9/11, and even though iraq is more fucked up now than ever before.”

sorry pals but thats not the thinking of rational intellects.

am i a dick for looking into the sky and saying that it looks blue?

of course not.

therefore i am not a dick for calling the prez and his supporters tards when there is a perfectly good alternative to vote for besides proven failure.

some may say theres more than one alternative.

with all of that said, let me tell you about a retard that actually was successful.

terry bradshaw won four superbowls. got hisself four rings.

nearly won one for the thumb in 81.

so dont think that i hate on tards. given the right assignment they can shine.

but dubya has proven that president of the united states isnt the right place for those with no vision, no sense of history, poor communication skills, hidden agendas, and a very bad case of retardation.

and those who support him inspite of his affliction need to prepare for the overdue backlash to come.

its one thing to be loyal to a party, its far different to let a drunk driver keep the keys to the winnebago.

uncurious george + stern meets powell + town n planet

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