Dear Tony,

Howdy. I’m honored you stopped by Whiskey Tango. I was going to do this in the comments, but it just got too long.

I gave you props in a previous post and in your comment you asked about “the letter idea.” One example I came across was your “Dear Avril” letter.

I found a letter to the NHL to be a good way to express my anger and frustration with the players’ union and owners.

I read your blog several times each day. I very much enjoy the personality of your writing voice. Your perspective on the different goings-on in our world lets me share a glimpse of life through the eyes of another.

The Busblog is great and inspired me to start Whiskey Tango. I learned about many of the sites I view on a daily basis from you. Raymi and Anti crack my shit up. And you know some really smart mofos with very informed opinions about many of the complicated issues in politics today.

So I hope you don’t mind that I copped a writing device from you.

And thank you. For the Busblog. For the photo essays. For sharing little bits of all the wonderful people in your life (Karisa, Tsar, et. al.) For giving LA a voice. For all the great links. For inspiring me to start documenting my inconsequential life.



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