her english isnt so good

but mines not all that neither.

at first she was shy but when she saw i wasnt gonna judge her for wanting to fuck 5-6 times a day she opened up.

i think shes italian im not sure maybe from peru.

her favorite phrases in her cute accent are


and i love you.

i tell her just speak your language, your language. shes drunk and spent and sprawled out over the polar bear rug (faux) (im so sure) with just her short shorts on playing with his ears. fake brushing his teeth. blah blah blah she says and soon i see shes crying. sobbing really. but tears coming down, mascara dripping, snot getting sucked back up.

continue-aye i say and toss her the roll of paper towels and im listening but with my heart. get it out baby. i hold her hand and she just cries and cries coughing out the words in that gorgeous tounge.

we all have sad stories i whisper, not hushing her not saying its gonna be ok cuz i only lie in the blog and in real life everything just might not end up ok. so cry pretty girl and drink some of this.

she goes on for so long that i forget that im in a fantasy nba league and i miss the live draft. now theres two of us crying.

the doorbell rings and its pink dot with vodka and rocky road cuz im starting to think shes russian. the american girls have told me in so many words that im not their type and thats cool with me. im not my type neither.

and for a town that was 86 degrees on friday night it feels like 16 degrees tonight so i light the fire

bring out the blankets and see what the computer picked for me besides elton brand.

and then we hold each other and cry some more

happy that jose lima is alive and well

and has finally broken out of his shell.

but not sure we’re gonna be awake for snl to bore us to sleep.

The Second Busblog NBA Fantasy Hoops League will draft on 10/30

League ID#: 62736

League Name: busblog2

Password: bloggy

Draft Type: Live Draft

Draft Time: Sat Oct 30 12:30pm PDT

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