im not very handsome

its true. nor am i rich or smart or tall or priveledged.

im not really motivated or ambitious or wise or jolly or cultured or tidy or fit or trim.

i lack hair where i should have it and i have it where i shouldnt.

im turning gray in the worst places like in my nose

and on my nuts.

i dont pray as much as i should.

i dont read books as much as i should.

i dont visit my friends i dont seek out religion.

i dont write enough. i dont art enough.

i should give my mother more gifts but i refuse.

when people call me on the telephone to ask my opinoin i dont lie as much as i could.

and i accept far too little a wage from my employer.

i get the biggest thrills from the littlest moments

i dont have a car, or good clothes,

or the desire to ask for the things that i want.

which makes the gentle perfumed tap

at my back door on cold evenings

like tonight

all the more inconceivable.

and youd be stunned at how quick

theyve stripped.

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