my friends are not only the greatest

but they have the greatest weddings.

two of my favorites, ken and laura got married three years ago on the baja coast on a dramatic mexican cliff surrounded by family friends and a string quartet.

they say if you remember very much about it you werent there.

all i can remember is how pretty it was, how much i drank, a dance competition of some sort, an issue regarding the dj and how loud he could blast his sound system(?), and the irony of feeling safer in mexico a few weeks after sept 11 than in west la.

i took pictures with a bulky sony mavica that recorded its images on a 5 1/4″ floppy, a modern day brownie, but evena camera obscura would have been able to document the beauty and love and good feelings.

i remember ken beaming like crazy and i dont seem to remember laura running for the border before its too late.

i remember the dj playing a beck vs ac/dc mashup of mixed bizness

i remember a late night allstar acoustic guitar pass along with the waves crashing beneath us

and i remember driving down the coast the day after with my truest as i showed her the rosarito motel where jeanine and officially became boyfriend n girlfriend.

i remember hearing a story that ken had been secretly hiding out in baja for six weeks before the nuptuals, holed up as he finished writing his fine fine novel dot.con, my favorite novel of 2001.

not only was the wedding magical, but if they hadnt gotten married when they did, odds are ken wouldnt have turned over the keys to the hollywood bachelor pad which i have occupied ever since.

best wishes laura and ken, maybe one of these years we can all regroup at that colorful cliffside resort now that mexico has finallyreplenished its tequila reserves.

my pics from the wedding + greg’s pics + welch’s pre-wedding post

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