on friday i will be 111 years old

and karisa wants me to have a birthday party at my hollywood hills cabana.

she knows i dont like having parties at my place, but like any good friend, she wants me to break out of whatever weird shells i have.

so i am agreeing to meet her half way. tell me what you think.

if im going to have a party, i want it to be the sort of party that i would want to be at.

i want to have a catholic girl skirt party.

im pretty sure miss montreal will come, my truest will come, maybe we can get danielle up for it, and karisa since shes the ringleader will be there.

hopefully my dearly beloved will be there, moxie, although shes probably going door to door trying to get people to promise to re-elect bushie.

and of course my lawyer, fellow libra, will attend. and i can hand over her birthday present.

would kitty bukkake be there? we could only hope.

but the question is, do i make the fellas wear skirts too?

id be funny, but gross at the same time.

if coulter comes, you know he’d wear one even if it wasnt a theme party. fckr.

do i really wanna see mc brown in a skirt?

or basart?

i would want to see hezekiah in one, all 6’8″ 300lbs of him.

and you know some jackass is gonna make me wear one. and since i have beautiful legs of course i would accept the challenge.

and i want to invite my neighbors over, since they were nice enough to relinquish my parking spot back to me.

and i want to get tiffany over before she heads out to italy.

and i want to drain the remains of all that absinthe you see littering up my tidy apartment.

but i hate hosting my own parties. how do you tell people to get the fuck out when you want to go to sleep?

and then theres the cleaning the next day…

and the teens littering the bathroom floor the next day

and the cigarette butts in the full opened bottles of coors light.


so yes, its decided, the only thing that would convince me to host my own birthday party would be a tsar acoustic set, and all the babes in catholic skirts

welch and the boys included.

guinness and poker + aaron clemens + raymi + happy birthday umar

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