people can say a lot

about the republicans, but they cant ever say that theyre not loyal.

last week the president couldnt have had a worse week.

on Monday defense secretary donald rumsfeld that he had never seen a connection between saddam and osama. “To my knowledge, I have not seen any strong, hard evidence that links the two.”

He also lost favor of his fifth GOP senator, Rhode Island’s Link Chafee, a prep school friend of the president’s brother, Jeb.

Earlier in the day ambassador to the us-led occupation of iraq paul bremer criticized Bush for not getting enough troops into Iraq. “We never had enough troops on the ground,” he said.

Perhaps the president didnt care since Jerry Falwell had announced a few days earlier that the evangelical Christians now control the republican party.

“I tell my Republican friends who are always talking about the ‘big tent,” I say make it as big as you want to, but if the candidate running for president is not pro-life, pro-family … you’re not going to win,” Rev. Falwell added.

Things didnt get much better on Tuesday when Dick Cheney cowering and mumbling during the only VP debate, suggested that he had never said that there was a relationship between 9/11 and Iraq, even though he had – several times; led millions of voters to, who redirected web surfers to bush-hating George Soros’s web site; dodged questions about his support of the constitutional amendment to ban gay weddings despite the fact that his own daughter is a lesbian; and most embarrasing of all flat out lied when he said that he had not met Sen. Edwards until that very night (even though they had met at least three times, and sat right next to each other just a year ago), a meeting that Cheney said would have been very easy to do since the VP said that he was the presiding officer nearly every Tuesday that Senate was in office. It turned out that the Veep had been the presiding officer only twice over the last four years.

When Cheney wasn’t putting his foot in his mouth, his challenger Edwards was reminding people who this vice president was as a congressman: “When he was one of 435 members of the United States House, he was one of 10 to vote against Head Start, one of four to vote against banning plastic weapons that can pass through metal detectors.

“He voted against the Department of Education. He voted against funding for Meals on Wheels for seniors. He voted against a holiday for Martin Luther King. He voted against a resolution calling for the release of Nelson Mandela in South Africa.”

on Wednesday a presidential led investigation presented a 1,000 page report that said Iraq had no wmd when we invaded, had no stockpiles anywhere, hadnt made any wmd since 1991, and their capabilities for making them had decreased since our sanctions had begun.


Thursday brought Bush into unfamiliar territory. He had to admit that he was wrong. That indeed there were no wmd, you know, the reason he used to bring us to war against Iraq.

Instead of saying that he was wrong to invade a country who didnt have the weapons that he claimed they had, he said forget that they didnt have wmd, “America is safer today with Saddam Hussein in prison.” even… though… he had… no wmd… or ties.. to osama… implying that america is such a pussy ass target that even countries without wmd or relationships with known terrorists can hurt the land of the free and the home of the brave.

does this mean we can finally invade mexico? or at least publicly invite anna kournikova to pose for playboy?

On Friday Bush debated Sen Kerry and talked about rumors on the Internets and how he wasnt aware that he owned a timber company, but the best was how he dodged the question to list three times that he had made mistakes over the last four years.

He didnt mention the lack of wmd, or for not paying closer attention to the august pdr entitled Bin Laden Determined to Strike US, or for taking the worlds largest surplus ever and turning it into the worlds biggest deficit ever. Instead he said that the mistakes he made were in appointing a few low-level people to boards we had never heard of. (Thus implying that their fuckups he would take responsibility for.)

Today the polls are saying that despite that disaster of a week, and gasoline prices which jumped 30 cents over the weekend, Kerry is only 3 points ahead of the bungling incumbent.

Making this blogger wonder: outside of having an intern suck his knob in the oval office, is there nothing that Bush can do wrong in the eyes of half of america?

this should have been wilco’s video + the star wars kid makes the big time + umar siddiqi

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