the president just doesnt understand

that he has nothing to be afraid of when he speaks, cuz nobody gives a shit.

he’s already brought us to war based on false information and claims of wmd and everyone gave him a pass on that one.

he’s already blown the biggest surplus ever and turned it into the biggest deficit ever and didnt even have to say “my bad” even once.

so why does he bumble and mutter and stammer and stutter like his house of cards will fall at any moment?

theres nothing admirable about this man.

and therefore less admirable about his supporters.

i have no problems with people being republicans, but not only is this guy barely a republican (a financial dunderhead, a foreign policy fuckup, and a shill for bigger government), but quite possibly the worst president we’ve ever had.

but just because he calls himself a republican, half the country blindly vote for him? how responsible is that?

well i have faith in my republican friends. i know theyre smarter than this.

i know they wouldnt buy a house soley because of its color and they wouldnt pick a president solely because of the party next to the guys name.

you didnt see democrats running out to vote for mondale did you.

again, it’s called being responsible.

talk, blog, bash dan rather all you want

you might let your 9 year old hold the steering wheel

but you dont let him drive.

this country deserves a smart person back in the white house

if you really love your nation, dont cockblock this november.

how bush did + now let me finish + charlie watts just beat cancer

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